A cutting-edge app for Google Glass.

"Dodge Glass" prevents you from running into someone when you’re both trying to dodge past each other in a crowded street.

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Walking around town, you often find yourself about to run into someone and then you both end up doing that familiar "left-to-right" dance to try to dodge around each other. This phenomenon results in an enormous amount of wasted time for mankind.


We created Dodge Glass, an application designed and optimized for Google Glass. Using human recognition technology, Dodge Glass performs real-time analysis and instructs you who and where to dodge.


Let's say you come across someone attractive in a crowd...

1. Capture

Turn on "BUMP MODE", and Dodge Glass will capture his or her facial features.

2. Analyze

Using cutting-edge facial recognition technology, Dodge Glass will analyze those features.

3. Bump!

Next time you're in a crowd and someone with similar features walks by, Dodge Glass will guide you to bump into him or her, leading you straight to love!


  • Creative DirectorYasuharu Sasaki
  • PlannerYusuke Sugomori
  • Art DirectorAnna Saito
  • ProducerTakao Oyama
  • ProducerMasato Yoshikawa
  • ProducerShinya Miyazaki
  • Production ManagerShunya Otomo
  • DirectorSayaka Ichikawa
  • CameramanMasaaki Yokoyama
  • Hair MakingKaroline Kato
  • CastToshinobu Nakagawa
  • CastYayori Amano
  • Sub CastKeisuke Asayama
  • ProgrammerTatsuya Kido
  • Effect EditerKodai Tanaka
  • MusicHidekazu Sakamoto
  • NarratorJosh Keller
  • Special ThanksReid & Miki Monroe-Sheridan
※ Google Glass is currently authorized for use in the United States.You are responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations to use this app.